Nick Assef, The Executive Chairman Of The Company

August 3rd, 2011

When things get truly contentious and difficult in the corporate world, many prominent corporations will turn to independent advisory firms. This is because each and every decision they make is weighty and important. The wrong decision could result in the loss of many jobs or significant revenue. All manner of tough decisions must be made when it comes to corporations. There are hostile takeovers that occasionally occur, lawsuits are sometimes brought against them, and disputes between the Board of Directors are not all that uncommon. These issues are often very difficult and the corporations will occasionally seek outside help for their resolution.

Perhaps the most common source for outside help is an independent corporate advisory firm. Lincoln Crowne & Company is one prominent independent corporate advisory firm that has been met with a good deal of success. Lincoln Crowne & Company specializes in Mergers & Acquisitions, but the company is able to handle all manner of issues. Nick Assef, the Executive Chairman of the company, has guided it to the top of the industry.

Zijin Mining Group is a public company in the People’s Republic of China which recently acquired a strategic stake in a company called Norton Gold. Lincoln Crowne & Company is, during the course of this financial transaction, acting as a financial advisor to Zijin Mining Group.

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